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Bradley Witham


Bradley Witham

 Bradley Witham

Bradley Witham - Computer Consultant
Palm Beach, Australia
Phone:  07 5609-7477

·         Complete PC Trouble Shooting
·         Virus Removal and Protection
·         Hardware Repairs
·         Cloud storage options
·         Multi PC automatic backups
·         Data recovery from failed hard drives
·         Networking – Wireless and Cable
·         Modem / ADSL / Cable Installation and Setup
·         Custom Built Systems, Hardware and Software
·         Laptop RepairsBasic Computer Training
·         Business website options
·         Make your computer and network faster.
·         Remove viruses and spyware.
·         Configure a network to share files and printers.
·         Configure a backup for your important files.
·         Recover lost or deleted data.
·         Set up new equipment, including tablets and smart phones.
·         Secure your computers and network.
·         Repair laptops and desktops.
·         Fix or replace broken hardware
·         VOIP Telephone Service for businesses
·         Internet Access for home or office 
·         Internet Access for apartment buildings 
          Body Corporate welcome.

Doug Witham - CPA Accountant
Income Tax Returns for Individuals, Companies, Partnerships
Housing Loans, Car Loans, Commercial finance

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Brad Witham
Bradley Witham
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Doug Witham CPA Accountant Palm Beach
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Bradley Witham

Bradley Witham